Olga Kuzmina, New Economic School
Olga Kuzmina
Assistant Professor of Finance,
New Economic School

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Research interests:
Empirical Corporate Finance, Organizations and Strategy, International Economics.

Published papers:
"Innovation and Foreign Ownership" (with Maria Guadalupe and Catherine Thomas), Web Appendix
American Economic Review, 2012, 102 (7): 3594-3627.

      Media coverage: VoxEU
      Older versions: NBER, CEPR (with additional results on TFP)

"Foreign Direct Investment and Governance Quality in Russia" (with Natalya Volchkova and Tatiana Zueva),
Journal of Comparative Economics, 2014, 42(4): 874–891.

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Working papers:
"Operating Flexibility and Capital Structure: Evidence from a Natural Experiment", under review
      Media coverage: FEDEA Nada es Gratis
      Policy coverage: FREE Policy Briefs
      Best Young Researcher Paper Award, International Finance and Banking Society (2012)

"Fooling the Savvy Investor: Secrecy and Hedge Fund Performance" (with Sergiy Gorovyy and Patrick Kelly)
      Policy coverage: FREE Policy Briefs

"Operational and Financial Hedging: Evidence from Export and Import Behavior" (with Olga Kuznetsova)
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Industry research:
"Russian Transparency and Disclosure Survey 2005" (with J.Kochetygova, N.Popivshchy, O.Shvyrkov, D.Kazakov, A.Rozanova), Standard & Poor's, September 2005 (in Russian and in English).

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