Nonparametric retrospection and monitoring of predictability of financial returns


Anatolyev, Stanislav (2009) "Nonparametric retrospection and monitoring of predictability of financial returns", Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Vol. 27, No. 2, pp. 149160


We develop and evaluate sequential testing tools for a class of nonparametric tests for predictability of financial returns that includes, in particular, the directional accuracy and excess profitability tests. Our sequential methods consider in a unified framework both retrospection of a historical sample and monitoring newly arriving data. To this end, we focus on linear monitoring boundaries that are continuations of horizontal lines corresponding to retrospective critical values, elaborating on both two-sided and one-sided testing. We run a simulation study and illustrate the methodology by testing for directional and mean predictability of returns in young stock markets in Eastern Europe.

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Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Vol. 27, No. 2, pp. 149160

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Returns from Eastern European stock markets

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2006 North American Summer Meeting of Econometric Society, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA, June 22-25, 2006
2006 Econometric Society European meeting, University of Vienna, Austria, August 24-28, 2006
XX New Economic School research conference, Moscow, Russia, November 9-11, 2006

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