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Andrei v. Bremzen
New Economic School
BP Assistant Professor of Economics
Centre for Economic and Financial Research
Courses thaught at NES
1. Game Theory I,II
This course is aimed at exposing the students to the principal concepts in the modern game theory. It covers noncooperative game theory, where Nash equillibrium and connected issues are discussed, and some topics from cooperative game theory.

2. Microeconomics 5
This course is a part of the advanced graduate sequence in Microeconomic Theory. It concentrates on models with asymmetric information and unobservable actions, including adverse selection, screening, signaling, moral hazard, and mechanism design.

3. Contract Theory
This course is designed to expose the students to the basic concepts and most important issues in the modern contract theory. Subjects such as property rights theory, moral hazard in teams, multi-tasking, career concerns, incomplete contracts, economics of organizations, principal agent analysis and auction theory will be covered.

4. Industrial Organization II
This course covers topics left behind in Industrial Organization I, in particular the theory of a firm, theory of durable goods and the economics of compatibility.